6.5kg Crosstrainer





500g ankle/wrist straps (a pair)

3.5kg chest weights

2kg weight belt

Mesh style carry bag / 6.5kg kettlebell

This system is an all-rounder; one size fits all, 3 component body weighting system which promises a full body workout irrespective of what game you play.

When weighting the body it is vitally important that the weight is evenly distributed along and around the body. In doing so the body believes it is naturally weighted and the correct muscles get activated during routines. If the weight distribution across the body is not correct it will cause imbalance and an unnatural posture, which will cause incorrect muscle activation and/or possible injuries.

Individual components can be used separately or combined, depending on fitness levels and/or the routine or discipline. Each component fits snugly and conforms to one’s body during exercise, running or walking.

The rip cord compensating mechanism allows one to breathe and move freely whilst the equipment maintains a snug fit. Rip cords can easily be changed or replaced.

All components are waterproof and washable. O-rings are 316 marine-grade stainless steel. 3M™ reflective strip applied to all components for visibility and safety. All-weather utility.

This extremely versatile piece of equipment with its various individual components can be used effectively in a myriad of different applications. From rehabilitation, power walking, pilates, football, cycling and rugby… to ballet and synchronised swimming. The applications are endless. It is suitable for all fitness levels and allows the user to increase/decrease the training intensity by different component utilisation. It provides a total body workout opportunity and is optimised when used in conjunction with the Bright Weights suspension Trainer and Bright Weights sliders.

Do all your pre event training with your Crosstrainer and then on event/race day, take it off and see what happens!



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