Our unique 3 tier SCUBA weighting system including the weight belt, cylinder weighting system (cylinder harness and cylinder weights) and ankle weights provides a diver with the perfectly neutral swimming position.

Through the process of balanced buoyancy control the 3 tier buoyancy / trim correcting system offers divers the ability to place their ballast requirement in a split arrangement along the longitudinal axis of their bodies – neutralizing more buoyant areas – like the chest or lower legs – thus balancing you into a more streamlined position, so you can relax and enjoy the dive.

Using all three in conjunction or just the weight belt and cylinder weighting system creates a lower drag profile, making you more streamlined and therefore demanding less effort required to swim.

This in turn improves your SAC rate which allows you to stay down longer, ultimately improving your overall dive experience.

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Following the same line of thinking our fitness gear offers a unique way of weighting yourself during training. By weighting yourself during fitness or sporting activities, you are essentially tricking your body into thinking you are that much heavier, making your muscles work harder, which increases heart rate and intensity.

This can be applied effectively in competitive sport, training with our weighted fitness gear and then removing it on game day, making it easier than it was during training and therefore giving you an advantage over your competitors. Through our innovative design, the split arrangement of weight around the body ensures no risk of injury.

This fitness hack can also be applied to your normal daily activities like going for walks where up to double the amounts of calories are burnt by simply wearing our various weighted gear. Our range of equipment focuses around the ethos of functional training, a mode of fitness training that centers around forming natural lines and tones of the body and encouraging a more holistic fitness lifestyle.

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