I am Hanneké Dannhauser one of South Africa’s elite female athletes.

My fitness journey started in 2014 when I did my first OCR ever…definitely the sport for me! It was then that I started to train more obstacle specific! Setting goals and achieving it is probably one of the BEST feelings ever. So needless to say, being healthy and fit became one of my top priorities!

I was very fortune and got to see the world – I visited places I have only dreamed of. Travelling, unfortunately, complicates training routines and schedules, especially if you’re traveling so much and don’t have a lot of equipment options!

BUT then in 2015, I met Jannie and Jenna from Bright Weights and my training stepped up a level or two! This is when I got my very own 6.5kg weighted vest as well as my own cross trainer- which I can pack up and train anywhere. Even running isn’t plain and boring anymore- it is a hell of a workout- and I love it!

My motto in life is ‘Look Up, Get Up, Never Give Up’ because I know what it takes to set and achieve goals – the only way is through Christ who strengthens me! My dream is to at least touch one life through my sport – Bright Weights has definitely helped me to be better than yesterday – not only through their equipment (which are awesome by the way) but also through being the genuine loving and caring people they are! Thank you BW!

Thanks to Bright Weights – I can properly train anywhere any time – I am truly a happier, healthier me!