Equipment Usage and Benefits Derived From Them:

“The Bright Weights training equipment is a fantastic training system that affords an individual tremendous benefits and advantages with regards to making a worthwhile contribution to improving overall strength and conditioning”.

With regards to its specific use and application during training:

During Cardiovascular Training

The chest harness works very well when doing long slow distance training as the increased weight definitely adds to the difficulty level when the intensity is modified according to individual or team training programme needs.

During Strength and Abdominal Training Sessions

As with the cardio training, the chest harness belt was very useful when performing all exercises. And the team derived even greater benefit during training when the wrist and ankle weights were added.

Furthermore, the weight belt proved to be the most useful for all abdominal planking and bridging activities as it demanded a higher level of control by the players.

During Stability Training Sessions

The chest harness worked well as a training tool during our trunk and hip stability sessions as it demanded the players to display an even higher level of concentration when executing exercises as it required a greater than normal focus on posture and correct technique execution.

Sherman Baatjes – Cape Cobras Strength and Conditioning Coach

Paul Adams – Cape Cobras Head Coach