The belt has been designed to give ultimate comfort and ease of use. 500g plastic coated weights slide in and out of holsters in the belt and stay in place without the need of weight retainers. Once loaded the belt folds and bends very much like a universal joint. A marine grade stainless steel buckle and D-ring are sown into 
the belt. 

- stainless steel buckle and D-ring
- EU ISO 9002 certified webbing = durability
- conforms to body contours
- extremely flexible when loaded
- change weights easily without unthreading the belt
- no weight retainers needed
- 500G Plastic coated weights for fine tuning buoyancy.


These 500g plastic coated weights are available in different colours and slot into the holsters of the various Bright Weights webbing components. The patented locking design allows for quick adding and subtracting of weights. 


- ECO friendly
- 500g quantum for fine tuning of balance and buoyancy


The 1500g plastic coated weights are strapped onto the SCUBA cylinder in tandem. The BCD fits over the cylinder as normal with the weights fitting snugly against the back pack (whether hard or soft). This means that 3kg have come off the waist, being transferred to a position over the chest and lung area, thus levelling the diver out into a horizontal position. 

Voila! Balanced bouyancy. 

From a safety point of view the split weighting arrangement provided by using the waist belt and Cylinder weighting system together is excellent.


These 1500g PVC coated weights strap onto your cylinder in tandem by using our cylinder harness, which fits any size cylinder. Depending on conditions one can strap up to 4 onto a dive cylinder, thereby moving 6 kilograms from the waist area to over the lung area. 


- ECO friendly
- Soft PVC coating means the weights grip onto the cylinder with or without a net.


The cylinder harness fits any size cylinder. It holds the 1500g cylinder weights, which are strapped onto the dive cylinder in tandem. 


- Quad stitched on computerized sewing machine for strength and durability.
- Doubles up as cylinder carrier and anti-roll device for secure transport.


Ankle straps are employed when a diver is “fin light”. This is generally an uncommon phenomenon, being found mostly with female divers. Dry suit divers generally always use ankle weights to prevent the state of “inversion” when using a dry suit. 


- 500g weights
- Add or subtract weights.


500g, 1kg, and 2kg square soft weights fit into weight pockets and have webbing straps, which allow for the weights to be used on waist belts as well. 


- ECO friendly
- Tough PVC pouch
- Available in 500g, 1kg, 2kg


Bright Weights Flex Weights have been designed to fit snugly into the weight pockets of integrated BCDs. They are shaped like “sausages” and accordingly do not “bunch up” in the weight pockets. They are manufactured out of lead shot, which is sewn into a durable webbing pouch. 


- ECO friendly
- Tough Polyester Pouch
- Flexible
- Available in 500g and 1kg


These clip-on weights hold our 500g weights. They are ideal for using during instruction for under weighted divers. They can clip anywhere onto a divers BCD and make life easier for instructors or dive masters. 


- quad stitched
- ease of use


These straps get supplied in a pack of 2 x 6 holster straps and 2 x 2 holster straps. Our 500g weights slots into the holsters. The six holster straps fit into the weight pockets and the 2 holster straps fit into the trim pockets of the BCD. 


- Hard weight option for integration


Communication underwater, particularly in an emergency is of prime importance. Without it a diver’s safety and enjoyment is compromised. The Communicator offers divers a very durable, effective and affordable option for this purpose. 

The way in which it integrates with the Bright Weights belt is efficient, making it easy to retrieve for use. It comes with an attaching strap.


This piece of equipment utilizes the holstered Bright Weights webbing by making a set of braces, which fits onto the waist belt. It is designed for larger divers who have the problem of their waist belt sliding down their bodies. 


- conforms to body contours
- position weights anywhere along belt or shoulder straps
- stainless steel buckles


This kit comes with 25 various size O-rings to get used on your SCUBA equipment. They are all 90 shore hard 300 bar O-rings.


Our excellent quality tank nets come in sizes to fit from 6l steel up to 18l steel cylinders. The shoulders can be branded specifically for stores to identify their cylinders more easily at a dive site.


This SMB is designed for rougher conditions and can support up to 12kg in the water. It is visible and made of tough PVC with d-ring stitched into its roll up system for ease of attachment to the BCD.


Fun key rings come in a set of 5 to easily identify different keys.


This light weight well-made shoulder bag holds snorkeling kit and can be carried like a rucksack over one’s shoulders.


This stand holds all Bright Weights products for a neat display in retail outlets. 

Extra wooden crates are available if necessary.


Exhibition booth. 


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