Bright Weights 2016- An exciting year for us so far                                                                            13 June 2016

With the official launch of our fitness equipment in the middle of 2015, Bright Weights has seen some major developments that have not only been exciting for the business but have kept the Bright Weights team feeling constantly motivated and inspired.

Under the guidance of our industrial designer and creative director Jannie Wessels, our team’s ethos is centered on simplicity- making sure that our customers are receiving honest, quality products with the constant back of the excellence of industrial design.

This has been echoed in the wonderful responses we have had from major sporting athletes which has resulted in the culmination of a group of fantastic brand ambassadors and affiliations including OCR world champion Hanneke Dannhauser, former EFC heavyweight world champion Brendon Groenewald , 360 Specialized Training and Cape Calisthenics just  to name a few.  Also joining the Bright Weights team this year include prolific South African Sporting teams -the Cape Cobras and the Kyle Brown Sevens Rugby Academy. They have been all been training consistently with our fitness equipment and we look forward to their up and coming sporting events.

Recently we have also joined up with the awesome team at The Grind, a relatively new event based around obstacle course racing. Their second event was held at the Bellville Velodrome where the finalists raced in our Bright Weights Crosstrainer.

 It seems that the interest and participation in this sort of fitness arena has been on the rise globally with the general public moving further away from the conventional gym environment  into the more personal and comfortable space of fitness that centers around functional training. This has been exciting for us as our equipment is designed around innovative training techniques and ethos.

We feel that our focus in the next few months will be on education and accessibility. We are currently planning an instruction video explaining each product. We hope to, in doing this, educate the public on how to use our products, suggested exercises and how our products will help them achieve their goals from weight loss to strength and performance.

So yes, we have had a non-stop crazy year so far, with not only good responses from athletes but across the spectrum, men and woman, young and old. And we have you to thank for that! It is definitely safe to say that that our fitness equipment “…is sweeping through the city…” as written by Nicole Newman who interviewed Jannie for ELLE SA online in mid Jan. (Link to the full article below)

Finally, Bright Weights Scuba is still moving strongly and steadily as it has for many years.  We had fun at the 2016 Dive Festival in May which preceded a presentation at The Old Mutual Sub-Aquatic club. A thank you to all our dive shops and customers who love our scuba equipment as much as we do!

Swim like a fish and Train like a pro with Bright Weights

The Bright Weights Team

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ELLE SA online full article:

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